The Old Cow Sheds, Heather

Foundation and blues set for the bungalows

Bonser Building Contractors housing division started work on a new site on Swepstone Road, in the small village of Heather. The planned development will encompasses 10 homes to be constructed in the place of a previous derelict cow barn, hence the site name.

The works started early 2013, with the clearing of the existing barns, and cow sheds, hence the site name, currently the housing site has the two front bungalows nearing completion, the four town houses are in the second fix stage, the first two detached properties are in the first fix stage and have just been made water tights, and the construction of the two final detached has began

Once finished, the site will consist of:

2no Bungalows of 625 sq.ft each, with feature carport and second parking space. PDF floor plans* can be found on the following links:

4no three bedroom town houses with floor areas from 875 sq.ft – 1050.sq.ft, all with feature carport and second parking space. A PDF floor plan* for the complete building can be found on the following link:

4no four bedroom detached properties with floor areas from 1150 sq.ft – 1650 sq.ft. All with single garages and parking spaces. PDF floor plans* can be found on the following links:

Located within walking distance is the villages sought after primary school, local pubs and shops. To the right hand side of the sight is a public footpath that goes through nearby fields. All the properties shall be built to compliment the surrounding village in line with conservations requirements.

Any persons interested in the properties should contact the Coalville branch of Foster Corley estate agents on: 01530 812001

* Please note; whilst the floor plans are accurate at the time of publish, they may be subject to changes as the works progress.

2013-07-12 10.03.14
2013-07-12 10.05.46
2013-07-12 10.02.50
Bungalow Foundation
2013-09-05 14.26.48
2013-09-05 14.36.18
2013-09-05 14.30.21
2013-09-05 14.27.29
2013-12-21 14.45.12
2013-12-21 14.45.35
2013-12-21 15.02.03
2013-12-21 15.07.56
2013-12-21 15.21.37
2014-02-01 11.34.58
2014-02-01 11.37.26
2014-02-01 11.37.45