Bespoke Joinery

For the past 20 years, Bonser Building Contractors have been manufacturing bespoke none standard soft and hardwood joinery products for our clients. This is particularly important when undertaking works when working on listed or public buildings that have existing details that have to be retained or matched. Our commitment is that any timber product, irrespective of age or design, can be reproduced in our own workshop via our fully qualified and skilled workshop joiner,  Pete Marriott.

Works undertaken include:

  • Moulded skirting and architrave to match any style.
  • Bespoke Bell Towers to new specifications or to match existing designs.
  • Windows in any style.
  • Stair cases or external access steps.
  • Doors and frames of any style.
  • Laminated classroom of office fittings.
  • Cupboard and benches.
  • Reception desks / hatches.
  • Bar fronts or serving counters.